Plains Milky Way

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During the month of May, I shot Milky Way timelapse in central South Dakota when I had the time, and the weather cooperated. The biggest challenge was cloudy nights and the wind. There were very few nights, when I could shoot, that were perfectly clear, and often the wind was blowing 25mph +. That made it hard to get the shots I wanted. I kept most of the shots low to the ground, so the wind wouldn’t catch the setup and cause camera shake, or blow it over. I used a Stage Zero Dolly on the dolly shots and a “Milapse” mount on the panning ones.

This was all shot at night. If you see stars and it looks like daylight, it is actually moon light. 20+ second exposures make it look like daylight.

Canon EOS 60D and
Canon T2i
Tokina 11-16mm
Tamron AF 17-50mm

Sigma 20mm F1.8


Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly

Shot in RAW format, the Milky Way shots were 30 seconds exposure F2.8 or F1.8 with 2 second interval between shots, for 3-4 hours run time. ISO 1600, the opening shot was ISO 3200.

Ten seconds of the video is about 2 hours 20 minutes in real time.

Simon Wilkinson from created the soundtrack “Exodus” for the video

Available in 4K Ultra HD for licensing.

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  1. Virginia Greene

    Awesome video and pictures. I have always been interested in astromomy and particularly the Milky Way. As a small child in Miami, FL in the early 1950’s I used to look to the sky and marvel at all the stars, especially the Milky Way. After the 50’s the Milky Way was no longer visible to the naked eye in Miami. My granddaughter is studying to be an Astrophysisist as she, like her grandmother, has always been interested in astronomy but only deeper and in a more intellectual manner. One day I plan on going on a trip where I can once again marvel at the beauty of the heavenlies. Meanwhile, thank you for a beautiful show via your photography and videos. Yours truly, Virginia Greene RN

  2. its looks like out world shot .. great.

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  4. Yes, absolutely awesome.

    Was that a meteor at 32 second?


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