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Above: Preview the first 2 minutes of the Horizons Feature.

Opening Scene from Horizons 30 minute long feature film.
Opening Scene from Horizons 30 minute long feature film.

The Horizons feature is 30 minutes of new and never before seen Milky Way, Aurora, Clouds, Sunrise and Sunset timelapse. Set to the music “Frozen White Light” composed by Simon Wilkinson at

If you have ever been in a wide open landscape the most interesting thing isn’t necessarily the landscape itself, but what you see coming over the horizon. Growing up in South Dakota the landscape itself can be beautiful at times, but that doesn’t compare to what the sky can do, especially at night. Combine that with the landscape, and it makes for great photo opportunities.

I shot Horizons from April – October 2012 mostly in South Dakota, but also some at Devils Tower in Wyoming. From the rugged Badlands, the White River valley and the Black Hills of South Dakota, the horizons seem to endlessly change. I edited Horizons in 4K resolution and this feature is available in 4K upon request.


Downloads of the Horizons Feature – 720p and 1080p 6mbps, is better for slow connections and slower computers.

$10 Horizons Feature 1080p 6Mbps 1.3GB


$10 Horizons Feature 1080p 12Mbps 2.6GB


$10 Horizons Feature 720p - 1 GB


You can also watch the video on demand, with a free download, at Vimeo On Demand.

More videos and information on downloads at the download page.

Dynamic Perception – The Stage Zero and Stage One Dollies were used in many of the shots. I can’t recommend them enough for a quality product at a low price.

Borrowlenses – Throughout the summer I got some great Canon and Zeiss lenses, and sometimes a second 5D Mark III from Borrowlenses to use in the shoot. They have great service and every lens performed flawlessly. So if you ever want to try out a lens ,or just need one for an special shoot, give them a try!

Granite Bay Software – I try to avoid flicker in sunset or daytime timelapse while shooting. But sometimes it is unavoidable. I used GBDeflicker to smooth out the flicker in some of the sunset timelapse.

Equipment Used
Canon 5D Mark III
Canon 5D Mark II
Canon 60D

I used a variety of lenses

Canon 14, 16-35, 24-70, 50 F1.2, 70-200mm lenses

Zeiss 21, 25, 35mm lenses

Nikon 14-24mm with Novoflex Adapter

Available in 4K resolution


Contact for licensing footage, shooting rates or anything else.
Randy Halverson




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