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Meteor with Canon 14mm on 5D Mark III Cropped from 14mm

Meteor, Lightning and the Milky Way

      While editing timelapse I shot July 2012, I noticed a meteor in a frame. I caught it on 2 Canon 5D Mark III cameras. Last July, I posted a photo of the lightning and Milky Way, but missed the meteor. Phil Plait wrote about that photo last […]

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Late April Aurora in Badlands National Park

2012 – Favorite Photos

Some of my favorites from shooting timelapse in 2012. These were all frames from a timelapse. The timelapse will be out this winter. Click on Photos to Enlarge                    

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2012 Meteor with persistent train

Meteor Persistent Train – 2012

      Update: Phil Plait also wrote this article about it. What are the odds that you can catch a meteor with a persistent train, in the same spot, one year later? On October 6th, 2012, I setup timelapse, in the location that I caught this one. 2011 Meteor […]

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Storm Jacket cover on Stage Zero Dolly

Shooting timelapse in cold weather, Storm Jacket camera cover, Rokinon 14mm lens

The other night, I shot a timelapse of the Moon, Venus and Jupiter conjunction west of Madison, WI. It was about 20 degrees, so not real cold, but cold enough to need some cold weather gear on the camera. The above video shows the short timelapse, and also a behind […]

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Aurora at Storm Level

Aurora at Storm Level

On 10-24-2011 the forecast was for storm level Aurora displays. My son and I went out that night west of Madison, WI to shoot some timelapse and take stills of them. At one point they were so bright, they lit up the ground, it will be hard to edit the […]

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Second camera with ISS and Milky Way

ISS and Milky Way with 3 cameras

  On 10-16-2011 I caught the International Space Station, rising next to the Milky Way, on 3 cameras that were shooting timelapse. The moon rose shortly after it passed. The timelapse above is slowed down when the ISS passes. Phil Plait also has an interesting article on it here. This […]

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2011 Meteor with persistent train

Meteor Persistent Train

      Bad Astronomer on the Meteor and persistent train While shooting a Moon set with the Milky Way timelapse near the White River in South Dakota. I caught a meteor with a persistent train. It lasted for 68 frames of the timelapse then moved out of frame to […]

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