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South Dakota Supercell timelapse
Field Of View 30 minute feature
Price: $10.00

Canyonlands Utah Sunset

Trails End 30 minute feature

$10 Trails End Feature 1080p

Trails End online short

$5 Trails End Short 1080p


Huelux 35 minute feature

$10 - Huelux 35 - 35 minute feature - 1080p 2.8gb

Huelux 10 minute feature

$5 Huelux 10 Feature 1080p 12Mbps 1GB




Horizons 30 minute feature

$10 Horizons Feature 1080p 12Mbps 2.6GB

Horizons short – same as online video with Bear McCreary’s music

$5 Horizons 1080p 15mbps -533 MB


2011 Meteor with persistent train

Temporal Distortion

Short Featuring Bear McCreary’s music

$5 Temporal Distortion Short - 1080p Quicktime 900MB
$5 Temporal Distortion Short - Windows Media 1080p - 270 MB


Extended Cut Featuring Simon Wilkinsons Music – 23 minutes run time

$10 Temporal Distortion Extended Cut - Quicktime 1080p 2.2GB
$10 Temporal Distortion Extended Cut - Windows Media 1080p - 1.5GB




Tempest Milky Way Extended Cut – 1 minute of extra footage

$5 Tempest Milky Way Extended Cut - Quicktime 1GB
$5 Tempest Milky Way Extended Cut - Windows Media - 294 MB




Plains Milky Way

$5 Plains Milky Way Quicktime - 745 MB
Plains Milky Way Windows Media - 197 MB




$5 Orion Quicktime - 635MB
$5 Orion Windows Media 197 MB


Sub Zero timelapse

Sub Zero

Sub Zero Quicktime - 622MB
Sub Zero Windows Media - 197 MB


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