South Dakota Supercell timelapse

Field Of View – 4K UHD Timelapse


2016 Badlands Night Sky Workshops Join me this summer in the Badlands of SD and learn how to shoot stills and timelapse at night.

Field Of View is a compilation of timelapse I have shot in the last year. The first shot of the sunset supercell was done on July 23, 2015. That storm dropped multiple Tornadoes in eastern South Dakota, I was shooting it from central SD.  Other locations in the sequences are Aurora in central, western South Dakota and the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. The Red Desert in Wyoming, Bandlands and Buffalo Gap National Grasslands area of South Dakota. Bighorn and Teton Mountain areas in Wyoming.

You can see the rest of the 100+ full length sequences, on the 30+ minute “Field Of View” feature, which you can download here or the link below. Music on the feature is by Simon Wilkinson at

Available in 4K UHD, up to 4096 X 2304, for licensing.

Download the 30 minute “Field Of View” feature – 1080p H.264 – For home use only.

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Contact me if you don’t receive a download link within a few minutes of the order.


Boars Tusk, Wyoming timelapse
Boars Tusk, Wyoming

Photography and Editing – Randy Halverson
Produced by Randy Halverson – Dakotalapse, LLC
Opening Dakotalapse graphics – Luke Arens
Music – “Uplifting” by Nick Perrin – licensed from Audiojungle

Flagstaff Micro Lite Camper while shooting timelapse in Wyoming
Flagstaff Micro Lite Camper and Aurora

Cheyenne Camping Center – They gave me a great deal on a Flagstaff Micro Lite camper, which worked great while shooting timelapse in remote areas. They also have a great service department.

Dynamic Perception – The Stage Zero and Stage One dollies were used in many of the shots. I can’t recommend them enough for a quality product at a low price.

eMotimo – Great pan and tilt motion control. This will also mount on the Dynamic Perception Dollies. See more about the eMotimo TB3’s on my website.

Camera Gear Used
Nikon D810
Sony AR7II
Canon 5D Mark III’s
Canon 6D

2 Nikon 14-24
Rokinon 35
Zeiss 21
Sigma 15mm Fisheye
Canon 70-300

Contact for licensing footage, shooting rates or anything else.
Randy Halverson